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Document Logistix Document Manager is a highly scalable software suite that integrates with your existing systems to centrally capture, index, and store all your business documentation. Document Logistix provides instant documentation access to authorised users to create a more streamlined business.

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Document Logistix - Document management software for your business.

Document Logistix Document Manager At Work
  • Automatically captures, indexes, stores and retrieves any type of document, with powerful document search.
  • Streamlines workflow processes such as accounts payable, centrally manages document security, integrates seamlessly with other business systems, enables compliance with freedom of information and data protection legislation and scales seamlessly from single departments to global enterprises.

Workflow Module

The Workflow module is a robust, scalable automation engine for document process, such as Purchase Order approval. It provides system architects with tools to design and build highly efficient information flows that implement business logic, rules and policies.
Workflow software allows the information architect to automate the creation of each document, configure a sequence of notifications to parties such as approvers, and determine which documents will be archived in the document management system.

Configure Your Workflow

Comprising an integral part of an organization’s enterprise content management system, the status of documents can be controlled at every process point, this is an integral part of a Business Process Management system (BPM) , this removes any doubt about the path that each document follows.

Key features are:

Accurate invoice document capture; reduced administration requirements; manual or automated content indexin; cross referencing invoices with GRN / PO details for accuracy; direct integration with core finance and back office solutions; user definable workflow for approving payments; elimination of hard copy files and unnecessary paper chases; presentation to internal / external users via web interface; admissibility of data in UK courts for disputes; ability to comment and annotate images as required; vast storage capacity and compression ability, making best use of IT infrastructure.

A Highly Configurable Solution

Highly configurable workflow tools release businesses from inefficient and unreliable paper-based processes, allowing users the freedom of instant document access, real-time approvals and effective collaboration.
Document Manager is a modular software suite designed to centrally manage the flow and storage of all types of information across a wide range of business, from regional insurers to international Logistix companies.
Time and energy previously wasted searching for paper invoices, dockets, receipts or other documents, is eliminated with dramatic improvements in productivity. Customer queries can be immediately dealt with, improving customer service and saving staff time.
Photocopying, fax and mail costs are wiped out with the switch to electronic documentation. Cashflow accelerates, through increased speed of processes, and office space required for paper storage is eliminated, reducing overheads.

Rapid ROI Isn't Just On Paper

Nucleus Research, independent researchers measuring the ROI of IT investments, recently reported that 83% of companies report positive ROI on investment in document management software.
This return is higher than with virtually any other IT investment, and is one reason Gartner Research put document management in their magic quadrant of tools delivering high ROI and low cost of ownership.

Proof of Delivery (PoD) Document Management Systems.
        Accelerated Proof of Delivery capture improves cashflow. For many businesses, poor Proof of Delivery document capture causes slow customer invoicing and subsequent high Debtor Days. To improve invoice processing and cashflow, these businesses need to capture and manage their PoD data more effectively. Document Logistix Document Manager is a digital document management solution with workflow and document storage management software designed to capture, store and process PoDs more effectively, to accelerate invoice processing and improve cash flow.

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