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Information is vital to business but it’s how you manage it that really makes the difference. With
Document Management for Opera II all your essential business documents can be scanned, indexed and archived electronically, with instant retrieval from users’ desktops.

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Pegasus Document Management For Opera II

The paperless office is now a reality

A complete document imaging and file management solution, Document Management handles all key business information: general correspondence, customer purchase orders, supplier documentation
including delivery notes, invoices and credit notes, job costing paperwork, such as timesheets and requisitions, payroll & HR documents and many others.

And you'll never lose paperwork again.

Document Management has five primary functions:

- Capture (from a scanned image or electronic file)
- Indexing
- Retrieval
- Archiving
- Reporting


Document images stored within the system can be accessed either through retrieval options in the
Opera II ledgers and modules or from Document Management Processing.

Features include:

Manual or barcode indexing; capture, retrieval and archiving of electronic files; reporting by date or user range; transactions are tracked, with full auditability from individual files to system level; high levels of security including full user/department security to single image level and encryption of names, descriptions and images.

Key benefits

Moving from paper-based to electronic environments can have invaluable benefits for businesses across all industries:
Paper waste is significantly reduced; the risk of misplacing documents is eliminated; files are kept in a central location; legislative data storage requirements are more easily met; the need for office space to store document archives is minimised; the quality and speed of customer care is improved; access to files and documents is quick and easy for efficiency and effectiveness:

Going green is simplified!

Advanced Document Management

Advanced Document Management extends the functionality of Document Management with two new functions:

Content Indexing
Content Indexing captures words from machine typed text, scanned images and .txt and .doc file types and uses the text to index the document. This automated method of indexing documents is in addition to Manual Indexing and Barcode Indexing, making it even easier to retrieve documents.
Content Indexing enhances the use of captured data within Document Management including: Inclusion and exclusion dictionaries which allow you to manage the words that are used to index
the document; improved retrieval and analysis of data which allows for cross reference of documents using any combination of words and terms.

Deferred Indexing
Captured data can either be indexed at the point of capture, or at a later stage with Deferred Indexing. Users will enjoy greater flexibility including:
Documents can initially be captured as a batch with a name without being indexed, and can
optionally be assigned to a user for future indexing and with the ability to browse, create and index a batch from images created.

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